Prism One

Cablox Magnetic 8x8

Cablox 8x8 will manage your cables, cords, tubing, and wiring any way you want within its grid of plastic pegs. Made for larger scale organization, Cablox 8x8 can hold more and pick up the extra slack. With its acrylate-based adhesive back and additional mounting options, Cablox can be installed on a variety of surfaces in just seconds to organize and re-organize as you need.

The flexible plastic material allows for a universal fit for nearly any type of cable up to .43” (11mm) wide. Control the direction and flow of your cables and easily manage the mess.

Cablox is designed for use in any place you can stick or screw it on - at the office, on your desk, in IT server rooms, and in many other commercial and residential settings where needed. The perfect behind-the-scenes or in-plain-sight way to keep all your installation clean and organized.

Product Summary
  • Easy install
  • Size: 4” (100mm) x 4” (100mm) each pad has 8 rows of 8 lugs
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Flexible Plastic
  • Mounting: Mounting: Adhesive Backing - Screws(not included) or Neodymium Magnet Backing

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