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Sashco Gray MorFlexx Grout Repair 10.5 oz

Mor-Flexx is made to repair crumbly mortar, cracked stucco, or textured walls. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works. Mor-Flexx may look like mortar and stucco but it stretches like rubber, staying elastic year after year. Mor-Flexx cleans up easily with water and it’s paintable so you can match the color to your surface, and its texture mimics that of real mortar and stucco.

Product Summary
  • Looks like mortar - stretches like rubber
  • Textured to blend in with stucco, mortar and concrete
  • Easy to tool and cleans up with water
  • Spans gaps up to 3 inches
  • Paintable, easy to make fix disappear
  • Freeze-thaw stable; simply thaw and apply, no wasted product
  • High durability, performs well in any climate
  • Full 10.5 oz. in every cartridge - more for your money
  • Limited lifetime warranty - have confidence you're using the right product

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