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MeanWell GST-90-24 AC/DC Desktop Adaptor Power Supply

$28.11 $29.14

The GST Plug-In adaptor is an external switching power supply, designed to connect pieces of electrical equipment externally.

GST90A is a highly reliable, 90W desktop style single-output green adaptor series. This product is a classI power unit (with FG), equipped with a standard IEC320-C14 AC inlet and adopting the input range from 90VAC to 264VAC. The entire series supplies different models with output voltages ranging between 12VDC and 48VDC that can satisfy the demands for various types of consumer electronic devices.

Product Summary 
Safety Model No:GST90A24
DC Voltage: 24V
Rated Current: 3.75A
Rated Power(max.):0 ~ 3.75A
Ripple and Noise(max.):90W

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